Information and Regulations of the international children chess open tournament "Hopes of Astrakhan"

1. Goals and objectives

a) popularization of chess in the public;
b) consolidation of affiliations between young chess players of Russia and other Coutries;
c) raising the level of sportsmanship;
d) chess development in the Astrakhan region.

2. Contest management

Contest management is carried out by the Organizing Committee of the tournament. Panel of judges is responsible for direct running the contests.

3. Time and venue

The contest is run on January, 3-12, 2007. Arrival day is January, 3 (arrival on the day of the first tournament - January, 4 - is possible).
Registration of the participants - January, 4 till 12-40. Opening and start of the first tournament - January, 4 at 13-00. The tournament venue: Astrakhan city, Tatischeva street, 16 - II, educational building of the Astrakhan State Technical University.

4. Participants of the contest

Young chess players of 1991 and younger, not lower of the first grade. Tournament fee makes 200 rubles from each participant. Participants of the second grade are admitted by decision of the Organizing Committee with higher tournament fee. 100% of tournament fees will be used for the prize fund of the tournament.

5. Order of the contest

The tournament is run by FIDE rules. The system of the contest is Swiss, in 9 tours. Time control is 1.5 hours for each participant.

6. Election of winners

Winners of the tournament are elected by point system. In case of point equality, places and prizes are determined according to:

7. Rewarding

Guaranteed prize fund of the tournament is not less than 12,000 rubles. Participants, who will take 1-3 places, are rewarded with diplomas, medals and prize money. The first prize is not less than 3,000 rubles. A winner of the tournament is awarded with a cup. There are prizes for the best result among girls and the best result in the age category: to 10, 12, 14 years old. Besides, there are special prizes. A participant can get only one prize. Physical fitness and sports department of Astrakhan city bears costs, concerning rewarding (cups, medals).

8. Additional program

The tournament program provides for a Blitz Tournament, 2 sessions of a simultaneous play with GM Alexander Evdokimov and WGM Natalia Pogonina, 2 lectures of one of the leading trainers of Russia IM Pavel Lobatch, excursions about sights of Astrakhan. Rating tournament for coaches.

9. Conditions of participation

Expenses for journey, food and accommodation of participants are defrayed by seconding organizations. Running the contests is at the expense of funds attracted. Applications for participation in the contest and accommodation requests are received till December, 27, 2006, by telephone number: (8512)54-61-93 or by e-mail: astrakhan [@] Accommodation of participants, who will not confirm its participation till December, 28, 2006, is not guaranteed by the declared terms.

10. Accommodation

Accommodation of participants and attendants is possible in the following hotels:
Hotel of the Central stadium (Latisheva street, tel.: 25-66-62, 25-79-62) - from 150 rubles for a person in the double- and triple room.
Hotel "Circus" (Pobeda street, 54, corps 1, tel.:25-71-52) - 220 rubles for a person in the triple room, from 280 rubles - for a person in the double room.
Hotel rooms of the Astrakhan State Technical University dormitory - 300 rubles for a triple room, 500 rubles for a double room with conveniences in the room.
Hotel of the Astrakhan Administration (Kalinina street, 9, tel.: 22-23-30) - 140 rubles for a person in the triple room and from 350 rubles for a person in the double room.

Director of the tournament is GM Alexander Evdokimov. Deputy director is Alexey Spirin.

Information about the tournament is provided by sites www.Astrakhan.WS, Official site of the tournament -

The present Provision is an official call for the contests. Welcome to Astrakhan!